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 Garden Wild Bird, UK Specialists in the supply of wild bird seed & wild bird food. You will find a vast range of quality yet affordable garden bird feeders & wild bird seed.

Shop with confidence, as Garden Wild Bird has been supplying wild bird food and wild bird seed since 1999 !! All prices include delivery to Mainland UK so the price you see is the price you pay!!
At Garden Wild Bird we only supply the very best quality bird seed including bakery grade sunflower hearts, specailly sellected high oil black sunflower seeds and top quality niger seed high in protien and energy, all cleaned to 99.9% purity - only feed the best !!

Here at Garden Wild Bird we have  feeders to suit all budgets and seed types. We have a large range including  plastic bird feeders, metal bird feeders, copper bird feeders and ceramic feeders and specail feeders such as the niger seed feeder.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Garden Wild Bird!

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